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What is a Business Coach?


Are you facing the challenge of building a plan of what your company might look like in the future? Are you struggling to maintain an appropriate work and life balance? Do you need a mentor to hold you accountable to your goals, ensuring you push yourself and your business to the next level? Then you may be ready to hire a business coach.

What exactly is a business coach? Simply put, a business coach is a mentor that works with you to set goals on improving your performance, the performance of your team, and further develop your business strategy. A business coach uses tools in mentoring, training, and counseling to improve skills in scheduling, delegation, people management, and more.

Initially, this may sound similar to a consultant’s role. However, an important distinction is that a consultant focuses on directly working on a project or obstacles that are hurting your business while a business coach focuses more developing behaviors to promote effective work to drive future goals forward.
Here are a few examples of what a business coach can do:

• Act as a sounding board for difficult decisions or conversations

• Provide their counseling based on many years of executive experience

• Hold their clients accountable for the goals committed to in previous sessions

• Promote a healthy balance between personal and professional goals

Here are a few important questions to consider when looking for the right business coach to fit your needs:

1. Do they have experience in owning a business, and if so, does their business relate to your industry?

There are many business coaches out there that boast having worked years in advising, but if they haven’t worked within your industry or haven’t personally owned a business, they may be missing valuable insight on the unique struggles your business faces.

2. Are there testimonials from past clients experiences on what systems or techniques they prefer to use?

Hearing what other clients have gone through can help you determine whether or not the coach’s style fits with your organization. If possible, try to directly contact a past client to gain awareness on what working with the business coach will entail.

3. What sort of claims is the potential business coach making for how they will help your business?

A coach offering dramatic increases in your business’s performance or promising results within a suspiciously short amount of time may be too good to be true. Remember that effective business coaches focus on long-term results that lead to effective, steady growth rather than unpredictable explosions of performance.

If you would like to discuss this topic in more detail, feel free to reach out to us at A Z Advisory Group. We have multiple business coaches in our consult connect group who specialize in helping the A/E/C industry, along with an extensive network of connections within other industries that could be beneficial for you.

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