When you first hear Fractional Integrators you may be wondering what does this title mean? How does this role help my business? Is this some math equation for business I have never heard about? Today we want to clear up what the role of a Fractional Integrator is and what they can do for your business.

First, before we begin detailing out the role of a Fractional Integrator it is important to realize that this terminology comes from the Gino Wickman’s EOS system and originally refers to the role of an Integrator within an Accountability Chart. Put simply, an Integrator is a person within a company who helps ensure all functions within a business function efficiently and helps manage the day-to-day issues that arise. The integrator acts effectively as the glue for the company that holds everyone together, improving the company. They work full time to help run meetings between departments, lead employees, and remove any obstacles preventing the business from performing effectively.


This leads into what the difference is between a Fractional Integrator and a Standard Integrator. If an Integrator is a full-time job for managing the affairs of a business, then a Fractional Integrator is someone who performs just a fraction of that role. A Fractional Integrator could be someone who holds multiple seats within a company and therefore can’t fully commit to the role or a remote/interim worker who is temporarily handling the responsibilities of a normal Integrator. The point is that this role can act as a short term solution for a business that hasn’t yet found someone who can accept the position full-time.

Now, some may question why is it important to have an Integrator or Fractional Integrator in the first place. This is a valid question as many businesses have been able to operate without one before. However, what makes this position crucial is that it allows for an owner to have someone who is accountable for focusing exclusively on improving the effectiveness of a business. This ability to have someone work on the business rather than in the business is what allows companies to grow rapidly and overall function at a higher level as the Harvard Business Review has mentioned.

You can take a free quiz to test your aptitude as an Integrator at the following website. In addition, if you are interested in learning more about what a Fractional Integrator can do for your business or identifying some potential employees who may fulfill that role, feel free to contact us. We have experience with building accountability charts and identifying many roles within businesses from Visionary to Integrator to help take your company to the next level.

The Fractional Integrator concept is based on the Rocket Fuel book from Gino Wickman & Mark Winters

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