Mary Halsig

LT Care Solutions Inc

Work Number: (316) 207-2377


About Mary Halsig

For over 10 years Mary Halsig has been dedicating her life to Ministry, Music, and a Myriad of health care and nutritional planning to support those looking to improve their quality of life. Passionate about inspiring others, she works with LT Care Solutions Inc to provide customized solutions to clients on how they can plan for their long term health so that they can enjoy time with their families and hobbies.

Her past experience as a teacher at public schools has given her first-hand experience of the importance of taking care of your health especially with the recent impact that COVID has had on families attending school both virtually and in-person. She translates this experience into finding effective ways to overcome common day to day struggles that many people have when trying to provide for their families while ensuring their own health doesn’t fall to the wayside.

In addition to her normal work, she is consistently trying to support her local community through a music tutoring program targetted at kids and spending time with her family.

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