Carrie (Kasitz) Free

HR1 Consulting, Owner & The Alternative Board, Contract Facilitator

Work Number: (316) 315-0018



  • Attraction, Retention, Engagement
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Employee Development
  • Hiring & Onboarding Strategies
  • HR Administration
  • HR Compliance
  • HR Implementation
  • HR Strategic Planning
  • Policy/Handbook Development

About Carrie (Kasitz) Free

Highly motivated Human Resource expert with a strong commitment to helping businesses manage the
pain points of their HR functions. Carrie Free uses her extensive experience to create innovative programs
and practices that guide employees to discover and capitalize on their strengths that may have been

She has worked in banking, construction, financial technology, cleaning/janitorial services, and nonprofit/
medical industries driving organizational change, developing top talent, and executing
continuous improvements. Coaching their leaders to motivate their workforce to follow clear, actionable
visions, moving everyone in the same direction.

Carrie’s emphasis on aligning companies’ goals to improve employee engagement and
motivation has lead her clients to see huge increases in personnel’s performance and retention.
Whether that is through implementing onboarding strategies to immerse them in company culture or
leading a team through conflict resolution to resolve grudges, Carrie is constantly working to help build
strong collaborative teams.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, horse-back riding, and traveling. Carrie earned
her degree in Organizational Management and Leadership with a certification in Human Resource
Management and is a national and local member of the Society of Human Resource Management.

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